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The Royal Palace of Caserta (the Reggia) is the world largest one.
From it was born the Neoclassical Architecture.

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The Royal Palace of Caserta, created by Luigi Vanvitelli, is the masterpiece of the Bourbon and of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies. It is not only the largest royal palace in the world, but also the most copied.

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The life and works of the Architect, the history of the Royal Palace and the Bourbons, articles on art history of art and ancient documents browsable online.

Virtually visit the splendid Halls and the Royal Park.

The Royal Palace has always been used as a movie set. Discover all the films, and also see documentaries on the Palace.

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The coat of arms of the Bourbons

The importance of the Royal Palace of Caserta

History, avant-garde, magnificence, wild nature, contemporary art, socialism. The Palace of Caserta was the dream of King Charles of Bourbon and Queen Maria Amalia of Saxon.

This is the largest and the most copied royal palace in the world, and it revolutionized the world architecture thanks to the genius of Luigi Vanvitelli, the greatest Italian architect of the XVIII century. He designed a new city, Caserta, whose palace was its centerpiece, and its architectural style was so imitated that turned the baroque into the neoclassical architecture, and being ahead of its time about the future concept of form follows function, he laid the foundation of contemporary architecture.

The complex of the Palace also includes the silk manufacture and the relative Belvedere of San Leuciowhere the first form of socialism was born and the gender equality was created, and in addition there is also the WWF’s San Silvestro Oasis, the ancient forest for hunting of the King.


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  • Opening: 9:30 am to 7:30 pm
  • Ticket office closes: 6:45 pm
  • Last admission: 7:00 pm
  • Exit from the museum: 7:25 pm

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Piazza Carlo di Borbone
81100 Caserta (CE) Italy

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