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Virtual completion of the Palace

Virtual completion of the Royal Palace of Caserta with what is foreseen in the project, but never built

The opportunity to receive funding and donations, allows to bring the Royal Palace Park to the original splendor, but also to complete both in the way they were designed by Vanvitelli, and that were never bult due to lack of funds.

Completion of the Palace


Completion of the Park

Building of the Parterre in the Waterway

Carlo Vanvitelli completed the Royal Palace and the Park after the death of his father Luigi. To cut time and construction costshe was forced to reduce the size of the park, and the number of fountains. Where now you see the big green lawn, there should have been a further fountain.

  • To restore the whole design of the so-called “waterway”, but without having to make structural changes, as you can see in the image, two large flowering half with blue flowers recall the color of water. A border with flower pots will give movement as in the original parterre by Vanvitelli;
  • The waterway can be completed with the flower parterre and flower vases as desired by the Architect.
Progetto Prato Prima 700x449, Palace of Caserta Unofficial

How it is today

With the parterre

Completion of the Margherita Fountain

The Margherita Fountain completed according to the classical stylistic features of the flowered parterre.

How it is today

With the parterre

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