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The reference website on the Royal Palace of Caserta, a Unesco heritage site and the largest Royal Palace in the world. From it was born Neoclassical Architecture.

Discover the history of the Royal Palace of Caserta, the Bourbons and Luigi Vanvitelli, the Architect. Read the descriptions of the interiors of all the Halls and the Royal Park, take a virtual tour, discover the films shot in the Royal Palace of Caserta, look at vintage photos and videos, documentaries, the attractions of the Province, etc. Find out the timetables. Book your tickets, the guided tour, the hotel, the train and the plane.

About The Royal Palace of Caserta

Created by Luigi Vanvitelli, the Royal Palace of Caserta is the symbolic work of the Bourbons of Naples and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies

In the mid-1700s, the Kingdom of Naples was under constant English threat, therefore King Charles of Bourbon wanted to transfer the capital from Naples to Caserta in order to prevent it from being bombarded by English ships by sea. He entrusted the construction of the new palace to the most important architect of the time, Luigi Vanvitelli, and the work began in 1752, on the occasion of the King’s birthday. 

In 1756 the projects of the Royal Palace were printed and disseminated throughout Europe, and this meant that, over time, its architectural style became so imitated as to transform the Baroque into the future neoclassical architecture, and anticipating the future principle of form and function, threw the foundations of contemporary architecture.

After the death of Luigi Vanvitelli, the work was continued by his son Carlo who completed it. During the Napoleonic domination some rooms were created, then with the return of the Bourbons the last room to be completed was the Throne Room in 1845. With the unification of Italy the Reggia began to be abandoned by the Savoys, and the spoiling of its furnishings immediately began , then continued during the Second World War by the Anglo-American troops.

On April 29, 1945, the so-called Surrender of Caserta was signed in the Royal Palace of Caserta, i.e. the surrender of the Nazi-fascists which led to the end of the Second World War. From 1948 to 2016 it was the headquarters of the Air Force, and in 1994 the headquarters of the G7.

The Royal Palace of Caserta is one of the main cultural assets in Italy and a Unesco heritage site.

Years of construction 1752
Dimensions 247x190m
Total lenght 4km
Square meters (min) 135.000
Volume 2 millions cubic meters
Floors 5 visible floors and 2 underground
Rooms 1200
Stairs 56
Windows 1742
Park 120ha
Acqueduct 38km
Square (diameter) 450

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The most frequently asked questions about the Royal Palace of Caserta, the largest Royal Palace in the world

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The Royal Palace of Caserta in Unesco

[...] the monumental complex at Caserta, whilst cast in the same mould as other 18th century royal establishments, is exceptional for the broad sweep of its design, incorporating not only an imposing palace and park, but also much of the surrounding natural landscape and an ambitious new town laid out according to the urban planning precepts of its time. The industrial complex of the Belvedere, designed to produce silk, is also of outstanding interest because of the idealistic principles that underlay its original conception and management.
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19 July 1996, decision by the Unesco's committee for adding the Royal Palace of Caserta into the World Heritage List

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ADDRESS: Piazza Carlo di Borbone, 81100 Caserta (CE)

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