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How to get to the Caserta Palace

How to get to the Palace by car, train and plane, and where to park

Infos on how to get to Caserta

You can come to the Royal Palace of Caserta in different ways:

Caserta is the capital of the province of Caserta in Campania. It is 35 km far from Naples, and 54km far from Pompeii. Link to Google Maps

Distance from Naples to Caserta

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Starting from any city, take the train in the direction of the “Napoli Centrale” station, here take the train to Caserta which will arrive directly in front of the Royal Palace.

Reach the international airport of Naples-Capodichino, and after take a bus or a train toCaserta. Search now for your flight to Naples Image 100608487 13852465, Palace of Caserta Unofficialand get to Caserta!


Where to park near the Royal Palace of Caserta? The car park of the Royal Palace of Caserta is located just below the Piazza Carlo di Borbone. In the image there are the two inputs where indicated by the arrows.

parcheggio reggia come arrivare

Where is it?

The Royal Palace of Caserta is located in Piazza Carlo di Borbone, 81100 Caserta (CE)

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