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The Carolino Acqueduct

The 38km of the Carolino Acqueduct was built to feed the palace, the cities of Caserta and Naples, Carditello and all the farms of the area.


The Carolino Acqueduct, named Carolino to honour the King Charles of Bourbon, a 38km lenght spectacular hydraulic engineering created by Luigi Vanvitelli, and it is certainly one of the most important public works carried out by the Bourbons. The Carolino Acqueduct was created to supply the Palace, the fountains, the new great city of Caserta that would be risen around, to enhance the water supply of Naples, to feed the Palace and the Farm of Carditello (the palace were pizza and spaghetti were born), to supply all the mills and the nearby agricultural activities near it. This demonstrates how much the Bourbons were a modern dynasty that, unlike other European dynasties, not spended huge sums to build an aqueduct with the only purpose of feeding the fountains of the royal park, but they wanted one that was useful to the people .

Acquedotto Carolino Notte 500x309, Palace of Caserta Unofficial

The only visible part of the Carolino Aqueduct


The galley inside

The structure

Starting from 1752, in the area of Airola (BN), at the bottom of the Taburno hill, at 254 meters above sea level, were identified numerous sources, all belonging to the Prince of Riccia, who donated them to the King. After King’s approval, the construction of the Carolino Acqueduct started dividing the work into three parts:

  • from Fizzo to the mountain of Ciesco;
  • from the latter to the mountain Garzano;
  • from Garzano to the Royal Palace.

The conduit, 1,2mX1,3m (WxH), and its lenght of 38 km, is almost entirely buried, except for the bridge, that is composed of 67 turrets and many arches, built in this way for to improve stability and for maintenance. The works began in 1753, and were completed in 1770 with a total cost of 622424 ducats, over 10.040.000€ of today. But we must emphasize the fact that today the construction costs are much higher, so today’s real costs would be much higher.

The valley in winter

An external section

An excavated tunnel inside the mountains

An excavated tunnel inside the mountains

The Carolino Aqueduct is 38km long

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