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Vintage photos and videos of the Royal Palace of Caserta

Vintage films and photographs of the Royal Palace of Caserta from 1860 onwards

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Vintage films

Watch the videos by Istituto Luce about the events and events that took place in the Royal Palace of Caserta from the Fascist era onwards.

Istituto Luce is the oldest public institution in the world created to create educational films. Born in 1924 during the fascist period, it was also a powerful means of propaganda for the dictatorship. It was created to educate the illiterate Italian population through images, and they were broadcast to the cinema before each film. Since the end of the Second World War he has continued to produce documentaries and films, and his archive is an extraordinary resource for discovering the Italian history of the twentieth century.

Istituto Luce 500x309, Palace of Caserta Unofficial

The American occupation of 1943

Christmas traditions in Campania - 1931

Restoration of the Palace - 1939

Labor day - 1939

"Elegance in wool" in the park of Caserta - 1956

Lack of funds for maintenance - 1957

Event in the Park with costumes from the 18th century - 1934

Car race in the park of the Royal Palace - 1935

Baptism of the students of the Air Force - 1928

A living chess game played in the courtyard of the Royal Palace - 1934

Meeting of the hunters of southern Italy - 1939

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Vintage photos of the palace

Ancient photographs of the exterior and interior of the Royal Palace of Caserta, from the XIX century to the XX one

Photos of the Park

Ancient photographs of the Royal Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta, from the early 1900s

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documentari sky arte sulla reggia di caserta


Documentaries on the Royal Palace of Caserta and the Kingdom of the two Sicilies

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