Music videos and concerts in the Royal Palace of Caserta

Music videos shot in the Royal Palace of Caserta

Watch Italian and international music videos of various genres shot in the Royal Palace of Caserta

Cecilia Bartoli "Sacrificium"

In 100 minutes of music (11 world premiere recordings) Cecilia Bartoli uncovers the extraordinary world of the “castrati” and sings arias inspired hy the castrate superstars of Naples such as Farinelli and Caffarell, including some of the most virtuosic music ever written for the human voice.

The video has been fully recorded inside the Palace of Caserta

Sacrificium cd cecilia bartoli

Joseph Capriati

A unique event, an unprecedented show. Joseph Capriati returns to the console after the misadventure that made him the protagonist of the crime news and does so from the Royal Palace of Caserta, a World Heritage Site, a place of culture of the MiC and a symbol of his city.

2020 saw the world of clubs, festivals and discos come to an abrupt halt due to COVID-19 being supplanted by streaming on the web and on social media. Among the great absentees, however, there was an Italian DJ who rightfully belongs to the restricted circle of the world’s top console players: Joseph Capriati. The 33-year-old was stabbed by his parent in a furious family clash on January 9, a tragedy that saw the same parent, later forgiven, in a state of great despair for months. Capriati has undergone several surgeries which fortunately seem to have restored it. But for a year now the Caserta dj did not want to perform, either live or online, keeping away from the spotlight and actually stopping playing in public.

Noemi - I miei rimedi

Veronica Scopelliti, aka Noemi is a 37-year-old italian singer and screenwriter. She was born on January 25, 1982 in Rome. Her father Armando is a musician and in fact it is he who transmits his passion for music and the piano to her.

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