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Styles in Architecture and the Royal Palace of Caserta - Index page

Learn to easily distinguish each style in the field of architecture thanks to the Royal Palace of Caserta

Learn about the history of architecture from antiquity to 1850


facciata reggia dettaglio


reggia di caserta bagno della regina maria carolina affresco soffitto
  • Introduction;
  • Renaissance vs Baroque vs Neoclassical interior design;
  • The ceiling: styles comparison;
  • Similarities, differences and peculiarities;
  • Elements of each style.

Classical Architecture

pantheon - architettura classica

The Baroque

reggia di caserta - sala estate baciamano udienze - affresco
  • From Mannerism to Baroque: from the school of Fontainebleau to the Louis XIV style;
  • The Roman Baroque;
  • The late Baroque: the Rococo of Louis XV

The Neoclassicism

reggia di caserta sala di astrea anticamera degli ambasciatori - (ENG: royal palace of caserta hall of astrea antechamber of the ambassadors )
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