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The Royal Palace of Caserta and its Royal Park - Index Page

Index page of the interiors of the Royal Palace of Caserta and its Royal Park

Index of the Royal Palace of Caserta and its Park

Index of the interiors of the Royal Palace of Caserta

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As soon as you enter the Royal Palace of Caserta, you are immediately struck by the interiors and the perspective view of the so-called Cannocchiale, i.e. the long “corridor” that ends with a view of over 3km of the Royal Park. At the center of the Cannocchiale there is a large octagonal atrium to the left of which is the large statue of Hercules from whose back you can access the Court Theater. On the opposite side of the Hercules you will find the splendid view of the entrance to the Scalone d’Onore which leads to the upper floor where, in a huge atrium of 600 square meters, you will find the entrance to the Palatine Chapel, to the area of the foreseen apartment of the Queen, while on the left the entrance to the royal apartments through the reception rooms.

In a crescendo of amazement you will admire huge and very high sparkling rooms in Rococo, Neoclassical and Empire style, made with the best marbles of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, and always frescoed. Towards the end of the visit itinerary there is the enormous Royal Crib of the Bourbons, made up of 1200 pieces. Not to be missed is the Terrae Motus collection of contemporary art, with the best world artists of the 80s, from Pistoletto, Haring, Warhol, Mapplethorpe etc.

Restorations are currently underway to open other rooms on the Royal Floor

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Index of the attractions in the Royal Park of Caserta

Discover the history of the Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta, or explore it through a virtual tour.

The Park of the Royal Palace of Caserta was born by the will of King Charles of Bourbon. As soon as you enter the palace you can immediately admire the characteristic “telescope effect” created by Luigi Vanvitelli, and notice in the distance the magnificent scenery of the Royal Park which extends in length for over 3km 

Initially born as the Italian equivalent of the park of Versailles, the park of the Royal Palace of Caserta has the unique feature of condensing in a single park the remains of a Renaissance garden (Bosco Vecchio) the style of Italian gardens with groves and fountains (that of Versailles is an evolution of the Italian Renaissance garden), and of the romantic English garden. Initially designed by Luigi Vanvitelli, it was later modified by his son Carlo who inherited the yard after his father’s death. Carlo, both for the new fashion of the landscape garden, and for strong cuts to the funds decided by the new king Ferdinand of Bourbon, modified and reduced his father’s original project by merging the formal garden with the landscape one, and adding the English Garden to it. A further feature of the park of Caserta is the management of the water, as the fountains are not fed by a water recirculation system that works only if activated, but gush in a natural and continuous way thanks to the incredible work of the 38km of the Caroline Aqueduct which feeds the Palace and all the surrounding area.

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