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Watch the movie: " Caserta Palace Dream "

Caserta Palace Dream, a short movie directed by James Mcteigue (director of "V for Vendetta"), featuring Richard Dreyfuss, Kasia Smutniak, Valerio Mastandrea

Caserta Palace Dream, the dream of Queen Maria Amalia

The story of Caserta Palace Dream

The Royal Palace of Caserta, the dream of a Queen! The greatest dream of a unique woman, Maria, future Queen of Spain, wife of Charles, King of Naples and Sicily and a special man, the greatest architect of his time, Luigi Vanvitelli.
Their love, which surpasses their very existence to take human body and live in the immeasurable beauty of the Royal Palace, its magnificent halls, its endless corridors and its unique and lush park. Every detail, every corner conceived, designed and then realized by the brilliant architect speaks of their love, a bond that can transfuse in an architectural work without equal in the world, an expression of beauty destined to survive for centuries and perpetuate itself in the eye of this beauty will have the good fortune to be able to live.
A dream, what the Reggia di Caserta, in which Mary does not want to escape even after death. An endless, aching beauty and a connection to the place where he was born his love, where his children were born, and from which not even death or the passage of time will never separate.
The Royal Palace of Caserta is a daydream, the biggest dream, the dream of Maria Amalia!

La locandina del film

The Backstage

Backstage video of the film Caserta Palace Dream

Photos from the backstage

Pasta Garofalo for the cinema

Caserta Palace Dream , the new short art film by Pasta Garofalo. The company from Campania, loved for its pasta and known for its love for cinema. 

The film brings the beauty of the Royal Palace of Caserta to light. The director James McTeigue decided to tell the story of the muse that inspired the Palace – Queen Maria Amalia of Saxony –  who was able to guide the genius of architect Luigi Vanvitelli in the design of this work of art.

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