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Restoration laboratories of the Royal Palace of Caserta

Find out what is done in the restoration laboratories and how to visit them

Restoration workshops

The Restoration workshops of the Royal Palace of Caserta are equipped with highly specialized personnel. The laboratories carry out conservation and restoration activities of the heritage of the Royal Palace of Caserta, guarantee the management of the open construction sites and the periodic control of the state of conservation of the entire Royal Palace.

The restoration laboratories of the Royal Palace of Caserta also carry out educational and dissemination activities aimed at the public of visitors and schools. To visit the laboratories you must necessarily book or do it on the occasions when they are open to the public.

Official contacts

Restoration of historical and artistic heritage

Manager: Anna Manzone

The Historical-Artistic Heritage Restoration Laboratory carries out activities for the conservation and protection of the cultural heritage of the Royal Palace and its park. He specializes in:

  • restoration of paintings on wood and fabric;
  • wood carvings;
  • wooden furnishings and structures;
  • artifacts in synthetic materials processed, assembled and painted;
  • stone material.

The Laboratory deals with assets control, restoration and scheduled maintenance activities. It also deals with the reorganization of the depots and regularly hosts interns, in collaboration with Italian and foreign universities and higher education centres.

Restauro per i beni archivistici e librari

Manager: Gennaro Tortino

The Restoration Laboratory for Archival and Library Assets deals with the maintenance, conservation and restoration of documents in the Historical Archive and the Palatine Library.

He specializes in the restoration of:

  • library and archival material;
  • paper and parchment artifacts;
  • photographic, film and digital material.

On the occasion of exhibitions and scientific events, the Laboratory takes care of the correct display of printed material to the public. It also regularly hosts interns, in collaboration with Italian and foreign universities and higher education centres.

The Laboratory also collaborates with the staff of the Photographic Laboratory and the Digitization Laboratory, to better preserve the archives in digital format as well.

I depositi e la camera anossica


The Restoration Laboratories deal with the organization, consultation and enhancement of the deposits of the collections. To date, the deposits contain various types of works, with different materials, functions, eras and types.

Anoxic chamber

Through the anoxic disinfestation chamber, by subtracting oxygen in favor of nitrogen, furnishings can be disinfested as an ecological alternative to the classic systems such as, for example, the anti-woodworm. A disinfestation plan was created by drawing up precise lists, starting the cycle of all the wooden and textile furnishings and continuing with other types of works that require intervention.

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