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reggia di caserta luigi vanviteli dichiarazione dei disegni del real palazzo di caserta progetto copertina verticale

Declaration of the drawings of the Royal Palace of Caserta

Made by Luigi Vanvitelli (1700-1773). Published in 1756 - Reale Stamperia, Naples

Original tile: “Dichiarazione dei disegni del Reale Palazzo di Caserta”

The famous projects made by Luigi Vanvitelli for the Royal Palace of Caserta. The early projects date back to 1750-51, the final ones were printed in 1756 and spread throughout Europe. They, and the work of his students, influenced so much the taste in architecture, and in the years were so imitated and reworked, decrying the end of the Baroque and creating a new style: the Neoclassical architecture.

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