Palaces and monuments inspired by the Royal Palace of Caserta

Discover the Royal Palaces and other buildings copied or inspired by the projects of the Royal Palace of Caserta.

AUTH. Salvatore Scarfone

The project of the Royal Palace of Caserta

Many buildings were inspired by the projects of the Royal Palace of Caserta which, by the will of King Charles of Bourbon, were printed and disseminated throughout Europe in 1756.

The inspiration was often taken from the initial project which was then modified during construction, therefore we find buildings with decorative elements such as the large central dome not currently present in the Royal Palace of Caserta, but foreseen in the project.

Furthermore, the pupils of Luigi Vanvitelli, the architect, worked throughout Europe and in Russia, spreading the teachings of their Master.

As usually still happens today, architects also take inspiration from existing ones to create their buildings, and so it happened for the Royal Palace of Caserta. In turn, later architects did the same thing. Thus it happened that the projects of the Royal Palace of Caserta, and its copies, over time, also thanks to the spread of taste for the classical era, were gradually taken to extremes until they gave rise to a new style which was subsequently defined as Neoclassical.

reggia di caserta luigi vanviteli dichiarazione dei disegni del real palazzo di caserta progetto copertina - Declaration of the drawings of the royal palace of caserta documenti documents books

The original project of the Palace !

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The Royal Palace of Caserta not only inspired the external facades of many subsequent buildings, but also the interiors. A brilliant feature of Luigi Vanvitelli‘s project was to create a single building but which has detached sections inside. The Reggia not only has inside buildings completely detached from the rest (the Court Theater) it was born to be both a royal palace and seat of offices of the Kingdom, therefore each section is detached from the others and equipped with separate entrances and unconnected floors between them. Over time, this way of designing gave rise, for example, to the current university hospitals, or large multifunctional buildings.

Even the Sale delle Guardie certainly contributed to creating a new style, which after 30 years will be defined as Neoclassical.

Some buildings inspired by the Palace of Caserta

Observing all the architectures built or modified after the publication of the Declaration of Drawings Royal Palace of Caserta IN THE 1756, it is often possible to recognize their influence. For example, the Grand Staircase of the Royal Palace of Caserta was used as a model for the construction of the most beautiful staircases in the world. In fact, it is easy to find its style (central staircase from which two lateral staircases branch off and end in a large tripartite wall) even through a simple web image search.

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