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The Collection of Period Paintings

Artworks that take you back in time


The Paintings of the Royal Palace of Caserta are a collection that goes from the XVI to the XIX century, commissioned by sovereigns or received from the territory, selected and grouped by subject.

Royal portraiture thus joins genre painting with scenes from court life and popular scenes and allegories celebrating the virtues of sovereigns. In the wing of the Pinacoteca intended for landscape painting, the “Views of the ports of the Kingdom” by Jacob Philipp Hackert are exhibited, together with other artworks by authors of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries including Antonio Joli and the Fergolas. The royal portraiture is set up in the north wing, starting with the Farnesian Fasti.

Some Paintings

The Collection includes the royal portraiture of the Bourbons of Naples and of the Murat, oriental subjects, the famous Views by Hackert, artworks with a typically neoclassical historical subject with episodes from the history of literature and artistic historiography, still lifes, great battles, neoclassical views and sacred subjects.

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