Bathroom and Bedroom of King Francis II

A room with a military theme as the bedroom of King Francis II

Discover the Bedroom of King Francis II!

The Bedroom of King Francis II

From the small living room you enter the large bedroom of King Francis II. It has a large Empire-style fresco that recalls a field tent, and is equipped with furnishings from various eras, but purely in the Empire style. It was decorated during the reign of Joachim Murat.

The fresco

The fresco (1807-1826) in the bedroom of King Francis II, by Giuseppe Cammarano, depicts “The glory of Theseus for the killing of the Minotaur” in the centre. The rest of the fresco is the work of Gennaro Bisogni, Agostino Fondi, Gaspare Mugnai.

The fresco, commissioned during the reign of Joachim Murat, consists of two parts: a “base” with a blue background decorated with Napoleonic bees, and surrounded by panels with scenes of Pompeian origin painted on a gold background in imitation of the ancient mosaic . Above this “base” there is a fake canvas that wants to reproduce the tent of a military camp, and is decorated with laurel wreaths (symbols of victory), and armor and arrows. Everything recalls the war because Gioacchino Murat was a great leader of Napoleon before becoming King of Naples.

The fresco

The paintings

Currently there are two paintings on sacred subjects and a royal portrait.

  • Raffaele Postiglione – “Jesus heals the possessed man”, 1800-1849
  • Raffaele Postiglione – “Christ calming the storm”, 1800-1849
  • Unknown – “Portrait of King Francis II of Bourbon” – 1859
  • Unknown – “Portrait of Queen Maria Sofia of Bavaria” – 1859


The furniture, of extraordinary quality, is mainly in Empire style, but also contains Neoclassical and Neo-Baroque style furnishings.

As described in the Apartment of King Joachim Murat, the Empire style met with the favor of the Bourbons, who maintained it for many years. This did not happen only with the Bourbons of Naples, but all European sovereigns liked it because of its great aesthetic impact.

The bed of King Francis II

The King's Bathroom

The bathroom of King Francis II’s bedroom consists of a central room and two adjoining ones. In the center there is an extraordinary toilet in Carrara marble, on the left a large niche in red granite with lion heads. The furnishings are from various periods, from the Empire to the Neo-Baroque. This room was decorated starting in 1807.

The fresco

Fresco on a blue background with gold stars and vegetable decorations and masks on the border. In the center is a figure holding a bunch of wheat, clearly of Pompeian origin.

The fresco

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