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Scale model of the Palatine Chapel

Discover the original model of the Palatine Chapel of the Royal Palace of Caserta, made by Antonio Rosz on a project by Luigi Vanvitelli


Reggia Caserta Cappella Palatina Modello Rosz, Palace of Caserta Unofficial
  • Category: various
  • Type: scale model
  • Artist: Antonio Rosz
  • Year: 1756-1759
  • Origin: Caserta
  • Material: wood
  • Technique: cabinet-making, painting
  • Style: neoclassical
  • Dimensions HxWxD: 90x70x218cm
  • Located into: Private Apartments, Hall of the scale models and drawings

Biography of Antonio Rosz



The scale model represents the Palatine Chapel. It is made up of two openable walls to can see inside. You can still notice the organs destroyed by the bombing in  1943.

The object in question is part of a much bigger model relative to the central part of the Palace, consisting of the two overlapping vestibules, the Staircase and the Chapel. The models were made with meticulous care between 1756 and 1759 by the cabinet-maker Antonio Rosz entrusted by Vanvitelli, who used it to see his project in a three-dimensional way, and to show it to the sovereigns. The model was complemented by various finishes, such as statues for the vestibule, which have been lost, as well as numerous sections of frames, various columns and other objects that were restored with in 1952. The history of this model is reported into Vanvitellian’ epistle in the Palatine Library of Caserta.

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