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Neo-baroque tripod planter with monogram of King Ferdinand II

Tripod planter in the Hall of Spring of the Royal Palace of Caserta, from the mid-19th century with the monogram of King Ferdinand II of Bourbon


Category furnishing
Type planter
Artist - , Ferdinand IV
Year 1850-60
Origin Naples
Material Gilded wood, porcelain, velvet
technique cabinet-making, gilding, modeling
Style neobaroque
Dimensions (WxDxH) 159x76cm


Neo-Baroque planter in gilded wood in the shape of a tripod, with porcelain on which, in one case, there is the monogram of King Ferdinand II.

Neo-Baroque vase of mid-19th century in porcelain with monogram of King Ferdinand II. Having a vegetal shape with oak leaves, it is decorated in white-blue color with gold profiles, applied vine leaves and handles from which coral branches branch off. Seen from the front it has a shape reminiscent of the Bourbon lily, and the decoration recalls the fertility and the craftsman from Campania region.

Large bowl in blue and gold porcelain, with perforated edge and feet in the shape of rampant lions.

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