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Neorococo bronze and crystal bowl

The shapes of this Neo-Rococo style bronze bowl anticipate the Art Nouveau ones

THE BRONZE BOWL IS VISIBLE IN: Bedroom of king Joachim Murat

Category bronze
Type bowl
Artist -
Year 1850-1861
Origin Italy/France
Material gilded bronze, crystal
technique casting, chiselling, gilding
Stile Neorococò
Dimensions (WxDxH) 30x41x21cm


The casting-made structure made of gold-plated bronze, has braided scrolls of typical Rococo style (late baroque). The handles are made of racemes with leaves, and the bowl is in grinded crystal. Despite apparently being from the first half of the 18th century, the bowl and the handles betray the 19th century. The bowl has the typical facets of the Empire style (late neoclassic), so 50 years after the Rococo, so it might be of the 19th century, and the extremely elongated handles recall the next Art Nouveau.

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