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Bronze and crystal bowl

When the Neorococo was turning into Art Nouveau

reggia caserta bronzo liberty


  • Category: bronze
  • Artist: bowl
  • Year: second hald of the 19h century
  • Origin: –
  • Material: gilded bronze, crystal
  • Technique: casting, chiselling, gilding
  • Style: neorococò
  • Dimensions AxLxP: 30x41x21cm

Located in: Private Apartments, Bedroom of king Joachim Murat


The casting-made structure made of gold-plated bronze, has braided scrolls of typical Rococo style (late baroque). The handles are made of racemes with leaves, and the bowl is in grinded crystal. Despite apparently being from the first half of the 18th century, the bowl and the handles betray the 19th century. The bowl has the typical facets of the Empire style (late neoclassic), so 50 years after the Rococo, so it might be of the 19th century, but the extremely long handles that recall the future Art Nouveau, tell us that it was made around the 1870 in Savoy era.

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