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Palais Maison Perciere Fontaine 500x309, Palace of Caserta Unofficial

Collection of interior decorations including...

C. Percier (1764-1838) & P.F.L. Fontaine (1762-1853). Published in 1812 - Paris

The complete title: "Collection of interior decorations: including everything that report furnishings: as vases, tripods, candelabra, censers, lamps, chandeliers, lamps, chandeliers, fireplaces, fires, stoves, clocks, tables, secretaries, beds, sofas, armchairs , chairs, stools, mirrors, screens, etc. etc. etc."

Original title: "Recueil des décorations intérieures : comprenant tout ce qui a rapport a l'ameublement : comme vases, trépieds, candélabres, cassolettes, lustres, girandoles, lampes, chandeliers, cheminées, feux, poêles, pendules, tables, secrétaires, lits, canapés, fauteuils, chaises, tabourets, miroirs, écrans, etc. etc. etc." 

Percier and Fontaine were Napoleon’s official architects. Their projects begun in 1801, were then published in this volume in 1812. These drawings transformed the Neoclassical style giving rise to the Empire Style.

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