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The Province of Salerno

Discover all the cities of the Province of Salerno and the wonders of the Amalfi Coast

The Province of Salerno, after that of Naples, is the second in terms of number of inhabitants, dimensions and economic activities. Its center has always been Amalfi, since the times when, in the Middle Ages, the Republic of Amalfi dominated the Mediterranean with its trade in spices and precious fabrics with southern-Italy, and the southern Mediterranean from Tunisia to Turkey.

These same sailors are the ones who shaped the characteristic landscape of the Amalfi Coast, with its crops on the cliffs born thanks to the many dry stone walls built to contain the terraces where the cultivation of vines, olive trees, citrus fruits and vegetables gradually took place of oak and chestnut forests.

From the spectacular parks of the innermost areas, to the famous Amalfi Coast, with its incredible UNESCO World Heritage landscapes, medieval cities, local crafts and traditions, the famous limoncello, the beaches nestled among the cliffs, the glamor of Positano, the ‘incredible archaeological park of Paestum, the Certosa di Padula, the splendid Salerno, the Emerald Grotto, Atrani, Vietri, Amalfi, Ravello etc…. Who in the world doesn’t dream of seeing these places?

The cities of the Province of Salerno

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