Percier e Fontaine - Palazzi, case e altri edifici moderni, progettati a Roma - (ENG: Palaces, houses and other modern buildings, designed in Rome )

Palazzi, case e altri edifici moderni, progettati a Roma

Charles Percier and Pierre-François-Léonard Fontaine were the renowned architects in the service of Napoleon Bonaparte, known for having created the Empire style. Their collaboration resulted in the creation of numerous architectural masterpieces that embody the elegance and grandeur of the Napoleonic era.

One of the books that testifies to the influence of Percier and Fontaine in the development of the Empire style is a reference work for lovers of architecture and art history. Through detailed illustrations and descriptions, the book presents a wide range of projects created by architects for Napoleon, including palaces, monuments and furnishings.

The works of Percier and Fontaine are distinguished by their majestic and regal aesthetic, characterized by clean lines, perfect symmetry and rich decoration. The Empire style is inspired by classical antiquity, with influences from Greek and Roman art. The architects were able to reinterpret these elements in a modern way, creating a unique architectural language that embodied the power and grandeur of the French Empire.

Through their work, Percier and Fontaine helped define the aesthetics of the Napoleonic era and left an indelible mark on the history of architecture. Their designs are still admired and studied today, testifying to their importance and influence in the fields of architecture and design.

"Palaces, houses and ..." was written by Charles Percier & P. F. L. Fontaine (?). Published on 1798 - Paris

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