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In collaboration with the educational services of the Superintendent BAPSAE of Caserta and Benevento, Civita Musea offers educational activities for students of all levels.

The activities are carried out with the help of art historians, with many years of experience in the field of education.

Educational visits

The visits take place within the Monumental Complex. The educators will lead students in the halls of the building and the whole of the park describing the general characteristics and deepening a specific theme of your choice, indicated at the time of booking.

The theme trails in the royal apartments:

  • Gods and Myths in the Royal Palace
  • The architecture and the artistic techniques of the Palace
  • The Bourbons and the Royal Palace
  • The Life of the Court

Thematic tours to the Park and the English Garden

  • Along the Water Street
  • Exploring the English Garden
  • The games of the Prince in Old Forest

Costs: € 3,50 per person

  1. The cost includes the book and teaching materials
  2. The service is free for educational accompanying teachers
  3. The reservation of teaching activities is compulsory.
  4. The reservation fee for those who do not enjoy the service learning is € 1.00 per student / teacher.
  5. The entrance to the complex is free for 1 teacher for every 10 pupils
  6. For a visit to the historic apartments require the use of devices earphones for all school groups of ten units at a cost of € 1.20 per student (free for 1 teacher for every 10 pupils)
  7. For paths to the park is recommended shuttle service at a cost of € 1,50 per person.

Educational Workshop

Art Workshops – Game – Environment

The art is experienced and can become an active and ongoing laboratory to reflect and to look beyond stereotypes. The artistic message invites us to be active and creative and not passive users.

What greater access to knowledge except that which is conquered with his hands, his body, with the direct observation of things and living environments? Learning by doing is a summary of the proposals that we offer to children and adults where the playful dimension becomes a global background that embodies ritual, rule, fiction, listening and communication.
Workshops lasting about 2 hours, addressing students of elementary schools and middle schools and propose a theoretical study and performance of activities related to practice any of the following topics, to be chosen from those listed:

  • In the workshop of the “Pastoraro”
  • The job of “Cartapestaro”
  • The nature of “hidden” the Royal Park

Cost: € 5,00 per person

The activity takes place in the classroom of the Palace. The cost includes the book and teaching materials; the laboratory is free for accompanying teachers.

Information and reservations

At the ticket office of the Reggia di Caserta, Viale Douhet, 2 81100 Caserta

Contact us every day (except Tuesday) from 9:00 am to 16:00
tel. 0823 448084/0823 277380
fax 0823 220847


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