Vintage and music videos

Vintage and music videos recorded into the Royal Palace

Cecilia Bartoli: Sacrificium. L'art des castrats


In 100 minutes of music (11 world premiere recordings) Cecilia Bartoli uncovers the extraordinary world of the “castrati” and sings arias inspired hy the castrate superstars of Naples such as Farinelli and Caffarell, including some of the most virtuosic music ever written for the human voice.

The video has been fully recorded inside the Palace of Caserta

Cecilia Bartoli official website

Come nave in mezzo all'onde


Sacrificium's Premiere at Caserta

Istituto Luce

Istituto Luce official website

The Istituto Luce is the oldest public institution in the world born to make to make educational informational movies. Born in 1924 during the italian fascism period, was also a powerful propaganda media for the dictatorship. Was made to educate the Italian illiterate population through images, and these movies were showed before each cinema movie. Since the end of the WW2 it still makes documentaries and movies, and its archive it's an amazing resource to discover the italian history of the XX century.


Initiation of the cadets of the Air Force of Caserta - 1928

Christmas traditions in Campania - 1931

Event in the park with people in XVIII century's costumes - 1934

Car race in the park of Palace - 1935

Restoration of the Royal Palace - 1939

Labour Day - 1939

"Elegance in wool" in the park of Caserta - 1956

Lack of funds for the maintenance - 1957